Poker Tournament – Using the Right Sit n Go Strategy

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Are you frustrated that you keep losing money playing poker? These tournaments can be so hard to beat but there is a way to beat them. Tournament poker is different than cash games in that the blinds never increase. In cash games, you might see a dollar raise every 5 minutes. With tournament poker, the blinds never go up, so you will always have a stable sum to pay your tournament entry fees. eBook poker books will always say that for every 20k you invest in tournament poker, you will earn 50k. Personally, I have proven this to be false. I have also proven that giving your poker tournament strategy some solid study and practice can result in a stable income for you. However, there is a critical distinction between the two. If you are just starting out and do not know the basics, you can buy a poker tournament strategy for a few bucks. There are a few ebooks online that will give you a good strategy, but nothing is like having a hand of poker pros winning the tournament for you. If you are trying to make money playing poker, there is no time like the present. You can jump into the deeper water of poker tournament strategy now. You can take the time to write out a solid plan of attack for your next poker tournament and test it against your poker opponents. That is the real way to make money playing poker. You might lose some poker tournaments, but you will win more than you lose. Pro poker professionals always approach their game with the same attitude. They will not rest until they have made a substantial amount of money. In this first article, we will discuss the state of tournament poker strategy and follow up on our 5 golden rules for tournament play.

Poker Tournament Strategy : Starting Hands

Blackjack is a great poker game because a player can with at most four cards, still beat the dealer. A great poker odds system is necessary in blackjack to lower the house edge. A player can expect a return of about 16% on his or her investment. A successful strategy is to play the same number of cards for the entire game. This reduces the house edge from 5.75% to 5.25%. The house edge is the percentage the casino keeps from winning a player’s money. Your poker tournament strategy must be to make a daring, profitable grab for the pot every time the cards are dealt. Charlie Girl High Roller Play, is an excellent book that will teach you how to successfully play in a poker tournament. This poker book is particularly good at showing when toprioritize your play and what to do after you receive your cards.

Blackjack Strategy

In blackjack, it is nearly impossible to beat the bank-card-casting dealers. Since they card their face cards true, the player can’t hope to get a natural blackjack. Depending on the setting, the game is usually played with eight decks of cards. The rule in place is that the dealer hits on a soft 17 and is paid 3 to 2 for hitting on a soft 17. A non-winning hand, which is what Blackjack is, is a push, which means the player loses the hand and all of his or her bets if the dealer shows a natural blackjack. Many poker players lose a lot of money by following this strategy. GoodBankroll Managementis to never get into a poker tournament short stacked. GoodBankroll Managementis simply a matter of self-discipline; a means of forcing yourself to play in a tighter and more disciplined manner. It is not a means of making foolish moves, but rather a matter of being patient and controlling your play. In this article, we explore the concept of GoodBankroll Management and reasons for being patient.

Winning a remipoker tournament is a matter of being patient and waiting for the right moment to make your move, or for someone else to make their move first. Being patient allows you to play tight and control the game at the same time. While you are waiting for your opportunity, you can utilize all of the tools available to help you improve your poker game, thereby opening yourself up for profitability.

Here are some reasons for being patient, and why patience is a favorable poker tournament strategy:

  1. You can accumulate tournament chips without risking your tournament life. You can go from rags to riches in a blink of an eye. However, you must first play tight and prudent poker. The impatience player will not finish his or her tournament until running dry. Then, look for the right moment, with the right hand to push all-in.
  2. You will only risk your chips if you have a very strong hand.

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