Allen Scates Poker Chip Set Review

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When you are getting ready to launch your own poker room and you want to maximize profits for your online poker business, it is smart to look for a poker chip set with the best in quality and price. When you buy the Allen Scates poker chip set, you’ll get a beautifully produced chip set that is sure to impress your friends and family.

Allen Scates accepts these chips:

Now, you can play with tokens, dice, or chips as your implement of choice, but remember the basic guidelines for using these chips when getting set up. Chips are available in weights from 8.5 to 11.5 grams. The weight ranges from 8.5 to 10 grams, and the material is typically plastic or clay. The best chips are the ones made of clay, composite, or pot metal. Casinos use chips manufactured from 13.5 gauge clay composite. This type of chip has the advantage of having the standard casinos on the face, but the edge of the chip is surrounded by diamond language designed to help the poker game along.

Most poker chips are also manufactured and distributed by the Casino Chips Company, which is known the world over for creating some of the best chips on the market today.

The Allen Scates poker chip set contains 500 poker chip multi-colored tokens, 500 of each color, and 5 dice. The dice are colorful tracking scratch off material.

When you buy the Allen Scates poker chip set, you’ll receive a deck of cards and a deck of colored tokens. These are perfect for giving the dealer a foolproof method of dealing cards in your home poker game, or for your personal enjoyment.

If there is one thing I have learned through the years as a house spouse, it is that a little bit of miscellaneous knowledge never hurt. You probably already know the importance of holding a poker tournament, but you may not be collecting poker chips. If you could participate in a tournament at your school, what would it be called? For example, what kind of poker chip sets exist for college football? This is where Allen’s Poker Set comes in.

As though the name inherently implies, this set is designed to accommodate the Allen 2 in 1 chip set. If this is in your home, it will enhance your poker night by way of making it a little more special.

The Allen Scates Playing Card Set-Field Blue is a worker’s comp, a promotional item, and is ideal for the hunter in your life. Each of the chips are blue with the company’s logo on the front with the company’s name beginning with the word “A” and leading the set into the field.

A picture of Allen (of A)-rology to the left of the logo. There is a free hard deck of playing cards that you can use for this game. Stored next to the chips are two decks of cards; one red and the other blue.

Displaying the chips is quite easy. These are 14 gram weighted plastic chips, so they’re light and easy to handle. The chips are available in denominations starting at $0.25 to $0.50 per chip.

You get two decks of cards and 5 dice when you buy the Allen Scates card game. These dice are nicely detailed and the designs on them areArabianBall. There is a variety of colors available, including red, white, blue, green, red and blue.

You don’t need a special occasion to have the Allen Scates cards game in your home. It could possibly be used for a personalaceindle, family reunion, birthday,age party,or anytime you want to have a fun time.

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