Slot Machine Myths – RNG and Jackpots

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You can see the order of symbols on each wheel and calculate the odds of winning just like counting cards.

Well, why is that pesky RNG generating random numbers? When you press spin, the program picks the latest “set” of numbers generated. Each number in the “set” is one of the symbols on the reels. If you have three reels, you get three numbers in the set. So, when those virtual wheels spin, the RNG has already calculated where the reels are going to stop.

It would be so convenient for you if you could press spin and have the computer pick numbers for you. In theory, if you had a deck of cards, and you knew what the next number would be, you could go to the nearest lotto outlet, pick a number, and see if you won. However, as any math-POR enthusiast will agree, that just isn’t going to happen. Nor is there any way to predict random numbers.

You can see why the skeptics are not converted. If you have some numbers and you believe that they are more likely to come up than others, you can play them in a manner that suits your uninformed preference. The problem is that you still need to match the numbers in the physical deck. You still have the odds against you, just as any regular lotto game.


The Elimination Factor is a method of playing the Dewavegas in which no numbers are offered again. Instead, you eliminate one or more of the numbers from your choice of numbers, and then you play two or more together. The idea is that the fewer numbers you have to pick from, the better your odds. If you pick ten numbers, and ten of those are not selected, you have a very good chance of winning at least one digit, if not all ten.

The real trick to the system is to figure out how many numbers you can pick from. For example, you can let the machine pick a random set of numbers for you, or you can have the computer pick a set for you. It is also a good idea to go through with the lottery system and pick the numbers that come up more than once, such as those numbers that come up twice or three times in a row. Although rare, it does happen.

Even the Elimination Factor doesn’t guarantee a win. You need to remember that each number has the same chance of showing up in any draw. So although you may be following the elimination factor, you could still lose if you pick numbers that are more likely to be drawn than others.

LUCK, Bplus yourself and the lottery’s computer program

Many people base their lotto betting on luck. They would not be winners but would still win something, and so would not really care how much they spend on tickets. The reason is, luck only accounts for a minute part of the procedure. Lotto balls are always drawn by chance, unless you call a spade ball a touchdown, which makes the outcome of every draw almost unpredictable. Luck is useful when you want to be aillionaires, but become a centillions would be virtually impossible.

Lotteries with the highest odds are the ones with the least number combinations. The fewer choices you have to make, the better your odds. Another good rule of thumb is that you should add up the total number of numbers you are wanting to pick, and the number of different groupings these numbers can take part in for a mega draw. Give yourself an edge with every new number you decide to buy.

The odds of picking a number in a mega draw are 1 in 45, Bought tickets in the ordinary way, every week and half a million, you’d have to spend almost two dollars to one to have the one winning line. Of course, you could also use the same strategy for a half a million, but then you’d only have to spend half a dollar. It’s sharp, quick and efficient. Go win some money with lotto strategies now.

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